They've been animated, they've been video game characters and, coming this spring, the cast of "Community" will take puppet form. 
It was announced that Tuesday's (March 5) PaleyFest panel in Beverly Hills that a spring episode will find the Greendale gang immortalized as felt-and-foam puppets.
The "Community" puppets were designed and operated by Scott Johnson and Drew Massey and their team of builders and puppeteers. You might know this puppeteering troupe from their work turning David Boreanaz into a puppet on "Angel."
In the episode, the group takes a balloon ride and crashes in the woods, where they meet a mountain man played by Jason Alexander. Attempting to encourage them to speak about the experience, Dean Pelton urges them to talk about it using puppets. Hilarity ensues.
NBC only says "later this spring" for an air-date. 
Check out the cast in puppet form:

The cast of

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