Whether it's his characters in "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," or in "Monsters U" or "Pacific Rim" or "Horrible Bosses," actor Charlie Day is "always trying to bring a little bit of whatever is genuine or real about myself" to the role. During his interview with HitFix at San Diego Comic-Con this year, the "Sunny" star and co-creator thinks fans will be able "connect the dots there... it's pretty much always a piece of me. I never quite disappear completely" into a role.

For "Pacific Rim" this summer, Day took his turn at a huge science fiction blockbuster... and liked it. He described director Guillermo Del Toro as a "magical, special person," even if he's skeptical a "Pac-Rim" sequel can happen.

"I really love how much people love that movie," he said. "It's doubtful we'll do more of those, but it would have been fun to keep doing them."

Keep in mind, however, Day's comments came only a couple weeks before "Pacific Rim" premiered in China, where it picked up a record $9 million opening, the biggest ever for Warner Bros. Now Del Toro knows who to call should a "Pacific Rim" reunion collide.

Watch the rest of the video above, on Day's take on Season 9 of "It's Always Sunny" and his new surprising, egotistical and evil turns should shine through in the comedy series.

As previously reported, Day was feeling positive about a "Horrible Bosses 2" movie, which may shoot this fall.

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