Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren are coming out of retirement - again.

The all-star cast has reunited for "RED 2," a sequel to the surprise-hit 2010 comic-book adaptation that centered on a group of former black ops agents who reassemble when one of them becomes the target of an assassination plot.

Original cast member Mary-Louise Parker ("Weeds") also returns for the Dean Parisot-directed follow-up, which in addition features newcomers Catherine Zeta-Jones and South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun ("I Saw the Devil"). Previously rumored for the role of a villain is Sir Anthony Hopkins, though the Oscar-winning thesp hasn't officially signed on as of yet (hence his absence from the one-sheet).

You can check out the striking first teaser poster for the upcoming sequel, which shows the assembled cast silhouetted against a grim, orange-and-purple-hued backdrop, below. After checking it out, let us know whether you'll be seeing "RED 2" when it hits theaters next year.

The official teaser poster for RED 2 starring Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones

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