(CBR) "Bob’s Burgers" opened, if only temporarily, over the weekend in Midtown Manhattan as creator Loren Bouchard and part of the cast of Fox’s quirky animated comedy — H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Dan Mintz (Tina), John Roberts (Linda) and Larry Murphy (Teddy) – gathered for a presentation at New York Comic Con.

Along with answering questions from fans, the panelists gave the giddy audience a look at what’s ahead for this season, and commented on the show’s recent renewal.

“The fact that they had the confidence to pick it up for a fifth season, before the first of the fourth premiered, was very encouraging,” Bouchard said. “Fox has been incredible supportive.”

The premise of "Bob’s Burgers" is simple: Bob Belcher runs a burger joint with the help of his family, made up of excitable wife Linda, gawky teen daughter Tina, spastic middle child Gene (Eugene Mirman) and trouble-making youngest daughter Louise (Kristen Schaal), who’s never without her signature pink bunny ears. However, when your wife often bursts into insane songs, your boy-crazy teen writes erotic friend fiction, your son falls for a toilet seat, and your little girl tells her class you serve human meat in your burgers, no day is without a bit of mayhem.

The panel kicked off with a montage of zingers, songs and screams that bled into the elated cries of the audience that gathered in the Empire Stage Theater. Bouchard, who served as master of ceremonies, generously gave the audience credit for the show’s continued success. “You can’t do this kind of work — it’s too hard — without fans like you,” he said.

Benjamin, by far the show’s best-known cast member, having lent his distinct deep voice to "Archer", "Dr. Katz", "The Venture Bros". and "Home Movies", was true to his cantankerous persona, taking the audience down a peg, saying, “You guys got a lot of credit for everything we’ve done. And I have never seen a single one of you do anything for this show.” The next target of his comical curmudgeon shtick was a baby in the front row. “Will someone shut that baby up!” Benjamin demanded. “Who brought a baby?”

Told it was, in fact, Mintz’s baby, Benjamin continued, “Why would you bring your baby and sit it in the front row. It’s going to cry the whole time. That’s a terrible idea.” Someone cried out it was “Tina’s baby,” and he repeated the phrase, softening a moment. But then said sternly, “I’m serious now, shut up that baby.”

The uncomfortable moment faded as Roberts greeted the audience in Linda’s voice with a big “Hi!” Some fans may remember that before "Bob’s Burgers", Roberts was using this voice on his viral video “Christmas Tree.” But the character’s original source of inspiration was his own mom, a proud Brooklyn native who was in the audience.

But as warm as Roberts’ reception was, it didn’t compare to the first time Mintz, who plays the ever-groaning Tina, spoke. He sounds exactly like the painfully awkward and comically soft-spoken girl. Any time he was asked a question, it was virtually impossible to make out what he said, as the sheer sound of his voice incited overwhelming laughter from the crowd. As he spoke, people in the audience squealed “It’s Tina! He sounds just like Tina!”

“This is the way it always works, ” Benjamin said. “He never gets to answer.” Again and again, panel questions were directed at Mintz, and his stumbling voice was drowned out by the warm laughter of his fans.

Tina was a clear fan favorite in the room, and Mintz admitted he has heard from viewers who tell him they relate to her in all her teen awkwardness. Asked if he was like Tina when he was younger, Mintz won cheers by saying, “I’m kind of like her now.” The character was once meant to be even more like Mintz, as it was originally going to be a teen boy named Dan.

Tina love hit a New York Comic Con-level madness when one cosplayer, a young Asian man dressed as Tina — complete with her flat tone — went to the microphone and asked whether the panel would read “Erotic-Con fiction.” With urging from the crowd, they did act out the script, which mostly asked that they each touch their own butts before commanding they compliment the piece’s writer, become his best friend and pay off his student loans. And we have video:

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