(CBR) Don't despair, Carol Corps -- "Captain Marvel" is almost back.

Following a few-months hiatus, Carol Danvers returns with a new #1 issue, out from Marvel Comics in March. The previous volume ran for 17 issues, and saw the character firmly established as Captain Marvel, abandoning the "Ms. Marvel" moniker and adjunct status. Along the way, the character developed a uniquely passionate and highly motivated fanbase, dubbed the "Carol Corps," who have evangelized the hero's tales to comic book fans both new and pre-existing.

The new ongoing series comes from the creative team of returning writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who has been with the character since the start of the Carol Danvers-as-Captain Marvel era two years ago, and artist David Lopez, recently seen on "X-Men." This time around, Captain Marvel is dealing with her recent memory loss issues -- a result of her heroic actions at the end of last year's "The Enemy Within" storyline -- by going cosmic, allying with the Guardians of the Galaxy and hanging out at her new place inside the Statue of Liberty when she's back home on Earth.

CBR News spoke with DeConnick for an in-depth chat about the future of "Captain Marvel," and the event celebrating the character planned next month for the eve of Emerald City Comicon.

CBR News: Kelly Sue, "Captain Marvel" #1 comes out in a few weeks -- how was your approach different starting this new volume, and what's different about the book itself this time around?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: The big difference is that we are taking her cosmic. That is the talking point on this. [Laughs] As far as my approach being different, I'm writing for a different artist -- David Lopez, who is delightful.

I'm trying not to put it center stage, but I think it's an undercurrent in everything: Carol doesn't have a personal history. At the end of issue #14 of the last series, she sacrificed her memory and her sense of identity in a heroic gesture to save her friends and her city; to be the hero that she wanted to be. I want those stakes to be real. I want that sacrifice to mean something.

You see the disconnect in the "Infinity" tie-in issues, and then in #17 you see that her friends are still there for her, but it's awkward. She's trying to figure out who she is and how to move forward, recreating everything for herself, and the deepest connection she has at that point is with this little girl. So she starts to relearn her personal history through the eyes of this 8-year-old girl who sees her in the best possible light -- that is what she is trying to be now. That's how she understands herself.

When we come back with the new issue, we'll see that there's time that has elapsed. We'll catch up on a bit of what's happened between when we left them reading the comic at the end of #17, and the beginning of the new #1. Carol's decision to step up and go out on her own and see who she is in a vacuum -- literally.

What's that balance like in terms of setting? Cosmic obviously implies heavily set in outer space, but will there still be strong connections to Earth, as was a major part of the first series?

When we got the chance to do the new #1, my first impulse was "no." I put all this time and energy into building this supporting cast, I don't want to leave them. But the more we thought about it, the more we talked about it, the more I could see it -- but I cannot come to terms with the idea of just leaving them forever. This, to me, is Carol going off into the wilderness, and she will return. And life continues without her. After the first arc is a one-shot where we see some of what we've missed while we've been with Carol in space. I'm not forgetting about them. Life is continuing at home without her, and hopefully, if my plan works, the plot threads of the first arc will meet up with what's been going on on Earth to bring us into the second.

In issue #17, there were some pretty major things on Earth set up -- including the rather tantalizing promise of Carol living in the Statue of Liberty. Will we see that?

Oh yeah! She lives in the Statue of Liberty. You see that in issue #1. Nice digs if you can get them.

Also, hints of a romance?

Yes! Hints of a romance. There is, in issue #1, not just hints of a romance. We get a kiss. There's some full-on romance. It's not who you think.

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