Last year HitFix threw down a 21-question quiz for Oscar fanatics, and this year we're at it again. Join us for an ultimate Oscar test featuring three tiers of difficulty: hard, harder, and hardest. Get out a notepad! The answers are on the next page. (Please note that the term "actor" can mean a man or a woman, and that any listed year refers to the time of the movie's release, not the year of the ceremony.)



1. What's the highest-grossing of this year's eight Best Picture nominees?     

2. Jennifer Jason Leigh just received her first Oscar nomination for Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight. Only two performances in Quentin Tarantino's filmography have earned Academy Awards. Who performed those roles?

3. Which of this year's Best Picture nominees stars a character named Joy? 

4. Who's the only person in history to win both an acting Oscar and a songwriting Oscar? 

5. Name one of the two former Best Picture winners to costar two 2015 Oscar-nominated actors.

6. Name two of the three Oscar-winning performers who appear in The Big Short

7. What's the only Best Original Song winner ever to top the video chart on MTV's Total Request Live?

8. Director George Miller is nominated for Mad Max: Fury Road. Name two of the three other movies for which he has earned Oscar nominations. 

9. Both Sam Smith and The Weeknd have the chance to become the second Oscar winner born in the '90s. Who is the only Oscar winner (so far) born in the 1990s? 

10. Irish actor Domnhall Gleeson starred in four 2015 movies and they're all nominated for Oscars. Name three of them. 



1. Surprisingly, only two winners in the Best Original Song category have titles featuring the names of U.S. cities. One is the 1946 winner "On the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe" from The Harvey Girls. Name the other, which also contains the name of the film it's in. 

2. Glenn Close has been Oscar-nominated six times and never won. Her costars haven't fared much better. Who is the only person to win an Oscar for a movie in which he/she costarred with Glenn Close?

3. Who was the youngest African-American Oscar winner in an acting category?

4. Who ended her '80s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress with the familial shout-out, "OK, Michael, let's go!"? 

5. What current Oscar nominees starred in the following flops: Newsies, Jonah Hex, 54 and Basic Instinct 2? (Four different answers.)

6. What Oscar-winning Best Actress thanked "Mary Louise Streep," a co-nominee she defeated, for starring with her years earlier in her "first movie"? This was an erroneous statement, as Streep actually costarred with this actress in her third film. This actress' real first film was a 1969 flop whose title -- rather unexpectedly -- inspired the name of her child. 

7. Only one man (Michael Caine) has won an Oscar for a Woody Allen film. Who's the most recent man to be nominated for an Allen film? 

8. Kristen Wiig costars in the Best Picture nominee The Martian. In 2011, she earned a Best Original Screenplay nomination for Bridesmaids with Annie Mumulo; Melissa McCarthy earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for the same film. Who is the only other Oscar nominee in the cast of Bridesmaids?

9. An #OscarsSoWhite legend: Who was the first white performer to win an Oscar for playing an Asian character? 

10. You might know that Cate Blanchett is the only actor to win an Oscar for playing a former Oscar winner (Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator), but who are the only two actresses ever nominated for playing Pulitzer Prize winners? For the purposes of this question, we're not counting Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There since that was merely a Pulitzer "special citation."



1. Speaking of Pulitzer winners, who is the only female playwright to earn an Oscar nomination for adapting her own Pulitzer-winning play? It occurred in the 1980s. 

2. As we stated earlier, there are only two former Best Picture winners costarring two 2015 Oscar nominees. But there's another movie costarring two 2015 Oscar nominees that is a remake of a former Best Picture. What is this 2000s flop, and who were the two current nominees in it? It has the same title as the Best Picture. 

3. Sandy Powell, nominated for two Oscars this year in Costume Design for Carol and Cinderella, has been nominated 12 times altogether and three different times for her work on Martin Scorsese's movies (Gangs of New York, The Aviator, and Hugo). Alternately, she was not nominated for her work on three other Scorsese films. Name any two of the Scorsese films for which Powell did not receive an Oscar nomination. 

4. Only two movies have scored five acting nominations with zero wins. One is the 1963 Best Picture Tom Jones. The other is this film, based on a novel, which would later be adapted into a TV series starring a 1950s Best Supporting Actress winner. It also earned an Emmy for another actress who'd eventually win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in the 1970s. 

5. What 1970s Best Picture nominee was based on a section in the memoir Pentimento that was later revealed to be almost entirely fabricated? Its director called the film's real-life protagonist "extremely talented" and "brilliant" but "a phony character," adding, "My relations with her were very guarded and ended in pure hatred."

6. Only four black British performers have been nominated in acting categories. Name three of them. 

7. Cate Blanchett picked up her seventh Oscar nomination this year for Carol. Who's the only woman to score an Oscar nomination for playing the real-life mother of a character that earned Blanchett a nomination? Bonus: What current Oscar nominee once played this same role on television? 

8. Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated three times for her roles in David O. Russell films. If she picks up another nomination for a Russell picture, she’ll tie the record for a single performer’s nominations under one director. What late actor, known for originating roles in several Arthur Miller plays, holds this record with four nominations in pictures by director Mark Robson? With five nominations altogether, he has never won.

9. What actress recently told The Hollywood Reporter about her Oscars, "One of my nephews asked if he could borrow one a few years ago because they were doing a project at school — I don’t think he’s ever given it back — and the other one is up in the attic," before adding, "I just did the job I was asked to do."  

10. Name all three actresses who scored Oscar nominations for each of their first three films. The first actress' three nominations occurred in the 1940s; the first film for which she was not nominated was an Alfred Hitchcock movie that he routinely called his very favorite. The second actress' first nomination was in the 1950s, though she wouldn't win an Oscar until the '80s. (She did have an uncredited cameo before these three nominations, but we won't count that against her.) The last actress' three nominations occurred in the 1980s, and she didn't star in a single film until she was 35.