SAN DIEGO -- For "Breaking Bad" fans, Sunday's Season 6 premiere is the beginning of the end of the television show. For its star Bryan Cranston, similarly, it's the start of a goodbye.

The man behind meth cook and ringleader Walter White is pulling double-duty at San Diego Comic-Con, promoting the show's Sunday summer start and his villainous role in the "Total Recall" reboot.

Speaking generally about movie shoots, "You're there for a half a year and then you have this period where you're promoting it, and then you're done," Cranston said. But with shows like "Breaking Bad" and his previous "Malcom in the Middle" -- which tallied up seven years -- "there's a long period time of living with and getting intimate with your fellow actors and your crew members you become family," he said. "And that's good."

But Cranston is prepping himself emotionally for the departure, once "Breaking Bad" breaks forever in 2013. "You realize historically, actors have always been vagabonds, and when this is over, we  pack up our tents and move on to something else."

Check out the brief interview above, with more to come from the sit-down on Walter, Vilos from "Total Recall" and tackling the question: Do sociopaths know that they're sociopaths?

"Breaking Bad" airs on AMC starting July 15.

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