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"Silver Linings Playbook" 

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence solve mental illness with a dance-off. Watch closely as Jacki Weaver sneaks into frame three or four times for an Oscar nomination.


This delightful movie retraces he relationship between a downtrodden son (Ewan McGregor) and his father Hal (Christopher Plummer), who comes out as gay near the end of his life. Worth it to see Plummer in an Oscar-winning role roaming around the real LA gay bar Akbar.

"One Day"

Anne Hathaway's best? Not by a long shot. But if you still have a vendetta against Hathaway for her streak of cloying interviews in late 2012, this is a good way to spite her. 

"New Girl" Season 3

Stay tuned for the season finale when Jess and Nick are forced to go on a cruise they booked while they were still dating. Winston is (sigh) the best.

"Bad Grandpa" (Sept. 27)

I've talked a lot about Oscar nominations already, but please remember that "Bad Grandpa" is an Oscar-nominated film. Yes, the makeup is staggering, but it just chafes the soul to know the oeuvre of Johnny Knoxville is Academy-anointed.




"The Blacklist"

After a slew of deaths, the breakout NBC drama returns for a second season. Our main question: Is Lizzie's unbearable relationship with her spy husband really resolved?

"The Voice"

The fabulous Gwen Stefani and the ever-amazing Pharrell Williams join the panel as judges. What could be more hilarious than Gwen Stefani giving advice to aspiring singers? Imagined Stefani criticisms: "Try sounding more like a sexy crying baby." "Consider moaning 'HUH?' a few times." "Why didn't you mention a Japanese shopping district during your performance?" 


It's Batman's world with no Batman, but the new Fox drama is somehow very entertaining. Ben McKenzie wooed us on "The O.C.," impressed us on "Southland," and is proving he's here to stay on "Gotham." If he never utters "Welcome to Gotham, b*tch!", I'll weep.

"Wahlburgers" (September 25)

Never forget that Mark Wahlberg is on an A&E reality series with his brothers Donnie and Paul. And it's about family values. And I'm sure it's going to turn into "The Fighter" at any moment.

"Saturday Night Live" (September 28)

Sure, Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande will be around to ring in the 40th season, but you really want to tune in for the tribute to late announcer Don Pardo, who served as the show's announcer for every season except '81-'82. Not one of the show's prouder years, in case you were curious.


Amazon Prime

"Broad City" Season 1

Is there a funnier show on TV? I suspect not. Start catching up now before the second season early next year; I recommend the episode where Amy Sedaris plays an incompetent real estate agent in an insane neck brace. 

"How I Met Your Mother" Season 9

The final year of Barney Stinson's CBS reign is pretty juicy, with one of the odder finales to hit the air in a decade or so. I miss Robin's Paul Shaffer obsession. 

"Grimm" Season 3 (Sept. 24)

Look, you can forget that David Giuntoli was a cast member on "Road Rules: South Pacific," but I refuse. Is that clear? 

"Transparent" (Sept. 29)

Hey, everyone? Get ready. The great Jeffrey Tambor plays a man who reveals to his family that he's transgender. With "Six Feet Under"/"United States of Tara" guru Jill Soloway in charge, this show should be fantastic



"Sports Jeopardy!"

Dan Patrick, who was rumored to be in the running to replace Alex Trebek (should he ever decide to relinquish "Jeopardy!" hosting duties), gets his own crack at question-reading on "Sports Jeopardy!" No telling yet if Daily Doubles are replaced with Double Headers or Mixed Doubles or other adorable sport lingo. 

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