Sounds like Taylor Lautner is looking to make "Tracers," the Daniel Benmayor-directed "parkour thriller" he signed onto back in May, his next film.

Speaking to us at the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" press line at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today, Lautner said he was excited about the project, which will see him starring as a mafia-targeted New York bike messenger who learns the art of parkour (essentially the practice of navigating through an urban landscape using acrobatic movements) after meeting a "beautiful stranger."

"I have a project called 'Tracers' that went over to Cannes, so I think I'll start filming that sooner than later...I'm very excited," he said.

Also still in the works is the Gus Van Sant-directed indie film Lautner attached himself to last November, with the "Twilight" thesp confirming that progress was continuing on the flick - though considering there's not yet a finalized screenplay, it looks to be a bit further out at this point.

"I've been developing a project of mine with Gus Van Sant for awhile, and that one's being written right now, so I'm excited about that...that's been very time-consuming," said Lautner about the film.

Based on a non-fiction New Yorker article Lautner optioned via his production company Quick Six, there are no plot details available for the project at this time, and given that Van Sant is currently hard at work on the oil-drilling drama "Promised Land" starring Matt Damon, Frances McDormand and John Krasinksi, it's likely simmering on the director's backburner for now.

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"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits theaters on November 16.

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