Sunday night, AMC's "Breaking Bad" will draw to a close. How will the saga of Walter White conclude? How will the tragedy of Jesse Pinkman be resolved? What questions will be answered, and what questions won't?

You can bet we'll all be glued to the television to find out, but as we build to whatever Vince Gilligan and company have in store for us in the series finale, we can't help but think back on what it was about this show that made us sit up and take notice first. So the HitFix editorial team (well, those of us who watch) was queried on just that: When did you know you were hooked on "Breaking Bad?"

Check out a slew of testimonials on the next page for our thoughts, and be sure to let us know in the comments section what it was about this series that first drew you in. It goes without saying, significant SPOILERS follow.