SAN DIEGO - All and all, it was a pretty good Comic-Con for movie and TV fans this year.  Disastrous panels such as 2012's "The Host" were hard to come by and some of the biggest stars outside of "The Avengers" hit Hall H. It's not every day you can say you saw Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry on one stage within a few hours of each other.  Of course, Comic-Con still has its issues. TV panels are still bizarrely programmed in either too large a venue ("Nikita"), too small ("Orphan Black") or horribly timed ("Dexter").  The crowd traffic is becoming intolerable and the ambush marketing is almost comical at this point.  But, when Comic-Con shines, it can make the little kid in you squeal with joy.  

With that in mind the HitFix editorial team ran down the best and worst of this year's convention in the embedded story gallery below.

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