Austin Mahone is one of those acts that if you’re over 21 and/or male, it’s easy to completely have him off your radar, but as his video for “All I Ever Need” shows, there are thousands upon thousands of fans who love having the 18-year old in their lives.

The tune, which is featured on Mahone’s new EP, “The Secret,” out Tuesday, is a straight-ahead love ballad, but in the video, it becomes a tribute to Mahone’s fans and is the kind of song that Justin Bieber should have been making all along.

Like Bieber, Mahone developed his following online before getting signed to a record label and he’s up to more than 6 million Twitter followers, despite having never put out a full-length album yet (he released an EP last year). He’s a full-fledged teen sensation, having won a Radio Disney Music Award and MTV Video Music Award.

For his fans, or Mahomies, the video is a thank you for all their support and it hits right in the sweet spot of a tween girl’s heart— when she thinks that her crush really can see her in a crowd of thousands and feel her love radiating through. For the uninitiated, it’s a peek into the unharnessed adoration his followers feel.

Either way, it’s the best song that Justin Bieber never cut (and yes, we do know he's made a video saluting his fans that is similarly sweet).