SAN DIEGO - ISIS invaded Comic-Con to give "Archer" fans an early look at the upcoming season, drop a few extra details about what's ahead and share some filthy, filthy jokes.

The hour long "Archer" panel kicked off with a Comic-Con exclusive clip featuring special agent Sterling Archer mocking the crowd ("Oh right, I'm sure no one here has ever written 'Battlestar Galactica' meets 'Star Wars' fan fiction. Definitely not of an erotic nature.") and using language that wouldn't fly even on FX (the F-bomb did slip through). The main gag was every time Archer would spoil something about the upcoming season while paragliding, the wind around him would kick up to drown out the sound.

That led right into a sneak preview of the season four premiere "Coyote Lovely," which won't bow on FX until January. The episode follows Archer's adventures at the U.S./Mexico border with a lovely Mexican woman he believes is at the center of an illegal immigrant smuggling operation. Of course, he gets shot in the ass. Dayton Callie ("Sons of Anarchy"), Nick Searcy ("Justified") and Carla Jiminez ("Raising Hope") are guest voices, and we learn Lana's feelings about illegal immigration (which come as a shock to Archer). Saying any more would just spoil the fun.

After the screening, TV Guide magazine's Damian Holbrook moderated a raucous panel with creator Adam Reed and voice actors H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell and Amber Nash.

Among the revelations:

— When asked what he could share about the new season, Reed answered: "I think there will be an epic under sea battle. They will go under the ocean to have an adventure."

— Holbrook brought up a TV Guide report that Archer's mother Malory will be getting married. Reed confirmed the story and elaborated further: "His name is Ron Cadillac and he owns six Cadillac dealerships in the tri-state area. He's a total civilian and the reasons Malory married him haven't been made clear yet." He'll be voiced by Jessica Walter's real-life husband, Ron Leibman.

— Among the new voices joining the ISIS staff this season is comedian Andrew Donnelly as a fresh face in charge of the office armory. "They've been a little lax when it comes to who can check out weapons," explains Reed. We also haven't seen the last of Archer's nemesis Barry Dylan. "He's up there [on the Space Station] with all the scientists and they're hard at work at getting him home," says Reed. "He's kind of like Colonel Kurtz."

— One of the best fan questions: Since Archer's hero Burt Reynolds turned up last season, how about Kenny Loggins? Reed's response: "I'm gonna say yes just so it doesn't sound like you thought it up and I stole the idea."

— Another fan wanted to know: Is there any chance Parnell's "30 Rock" character Dr. Spaceman would turn up on "Archer"? "ISIS has Krieger who is kind of the evil version of Dr. Spaceman," Parnell reasoned. "I don't think there's a need for him and I'm sure Tina Fey and NBC would say no anyway."

— Of all the show's racy storylines, Reed recalls the second season premiere "Swiss Miss" as being the most difficult: "Archer being seduced by the 14 year old girl in Switzerland took a little massaging. And I think she wound up being 16. I did some research and the age of consent in Germany is 14. The Fox [Standards & Practices] lady said 'That's great for Germany but that's not the age of consent for the Fox family.'"

— In a round of pick your favorite line, Amber Nash chose Pam's "You make me sound like some kind of Chupacabra. But for dicks." H. Jon Benjamin selected another Pam classic: "You could drown a toddler in my panties right now." Aisha Tyler had her own Pam picks but also singled out one of Lana's lines from the episode that was screened: "I did like 'De-escalate your dick.' I'm gonna use that in real life. It's practical."

— When asked if she considers Pam the grossest character on TV, Nash replied: "Yes. I think Pam is disgusting and lovable at the same time. The inspiration for Pam lives in my neighborhood, she's a delightful woman that runs a furniture store."

— Anyone harboring hope for the return of Reed's Adult Swim series "Frisky Dingo" shouldn't hold their breath. "I would love to [make more] but I don't own that. Cartoon Network owns that," Reed explained. "They didn't really like it when it was on, I don't think they'd like it now. Also, I think all the people who watched that are in one part of this room."

— Finally, everyone was asked who their dream casting would be for their character in an "Archer" live action movie. Amber Nash said John Goodman. Chris Parnell said Alexander Skarsgard. Aisha Tyler vowed, "I would get in the octagon and fight anybody who tried to take this f---ing part from me. Who would the other person be? RuPaul." And H. Jon Benjamin said "I'll give a serious answer: Jon Hamm."

Season four of "Archer" premieres on FX in January

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