It's time for the damn Met Gala. Celebs go to New York to dress up in absurd things, and we pretend it's for the sake of fashion. Wrong. It's for the sake of nothing, and that's why it's great.

This year's theme: "China: Through the Looking Glass." What could that ever mean? Not sure, but here's Anne Hathaway's interpretation.



Fine, Anne. Wear that. Here are five wonderful things it looks like.

1. A sultry Wonka Bar

2. A space-age version of Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much" video

3. King Midas' niece attending middle-school prom.

4. A sultry American Gladiator named "Auric."

5. Like Anne Hathaway is attending the Met Gala and kind of feels like being a saucy, sexy spy. Sigh. I'm fine with it.