PARK CITY, Utah - Anne Hathaway calls her most recent film turn "the most unhip movie about Brooklyn ever."

The "Les Miserables" actress is producer and lead in Sundance drama "Song One"; her character Franny has to fly home to New York's best borough to be by the side of her comatose brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield) and her anxious mother (Mary Steenburgen). Henry's music obsession James Forester (Johnny Flynn) enters into the picture; the result is a lot of acoustic and folk-influenced music and a love story centered around new tunes from songwriters Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice.

Hathaway doesn't sing a big show-stopping number in the Kate Barker-Froyland directorial debut, leaving most of the heavy lifting to Flynn; however, she remains open to more musically based film projects, as music remains "so important to me."

"I think people usually thing of me as a musical theater girl. But I have a lot of interest in other types of music," she told HitFix during Sundance press rounds for "Song One." She said she doesn't consciously seem out musical performance roles, but is open to more.

She even tried to jokingly sneak her musical prowess and passions into "The Dark Knight Rises" and forthcoming"Interstellar" but Christopher Nolan wasn't having it.

"i thought to end 'Batman' with a musical number, I told [Nolan], 'No one would see it coming,'" she said, smiling. "I don't think that's gonna happen."

As for the secrecy that still surround her role for "Interstellar," Hathaway acknowledged that fans usually have to wait a little longer.

"Everybody trusts Chris' process, I think everybody wants to be surprised. And I think now everybody is actually learning patience with the Nolan projects."

Check out the complete interview with Hathaway and Steenbergen above, where the latter alluded to a little wine time on set and finding a bond of friendship with her co-star. 

After five years as a columnist and editor at Billboard, Katie Hasty joined HitFix in 2009 for music and film reporting out of New York. The Midwest native has worked as a writer, music promoter and in A&R since 1999 and performs with her band Numbers And Letters.