Disney's "Maleficent" is ready for her close-up. 

Just in case you weren't aware of the connection between the upcoming film and the 1959 'toon "Sleeping Beauty," the latest trailer includes shots from the original film being transformed in CG-enhanced live-action. The film is essentially the Disney classic brought to "life," under the watchful eye of special effects whiz Robert Stromberg ("Alice in Wonderland," "Avatar"), making his directorial debut.

Like the initial trailer, this clip highlights Jolie's fun performance as the title villainess, only too happy to finally be given the spotlight. Extremely gaunt, and with pointy ears and cheekbones that could slice diamonds, Jolie looks like a magnificent Maleficent, bent on getting revenge on the family of Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).

Watch the new trailer here:

"Maleficent" opens May 30.

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