If you loved Amazon's Mad Dogs, then I've got some bad news for you ... maybe: those 10 episodes are all you're going to get. The show, which premiered last month, has been cancelled. But that's probably for the best.

Executive producer Shawn Ryan made the announcement on Twitter yesterday, and followed it up with an explanation as to why. His take on it is that, though the show was one of Amazon's best-reviewed dramas and "some Amazon employees" told him it had "better streaming stats" than "many other" Amazon shows, he and creator Cris Cole couldn't come to an agreement with Amazon about the direction of the second season. 

And that's okay with Ryan and Cole, Ryan says, because they didn't want a second season anyway (and some critics *ahem* Hitfix's own Alan Sepinwall *ahem* didn't see how it could work as a multiple-season show in the first place). So perhaps it's best to just leave these 10 episodes as they are, unsullied by a desperate attempt to keep the show going.

Here's Ryan's Tweetstorm in full: