The first clip for the “Agent Carter” series does in one minute what many films and television shows can’t manage, ever. It features two women, with names, having a conversation, about something other than a man. That’s right, it passes the Bechdal Test.

Hayley Atwell’s turn as Peggy Carter in “Captain America” was arguably the biggest breakout character in the Marvel universe next to Phil Coulson. Audiences immediately took a shine to her no-nonsense approach to being a woman in a man’s military. But what sets Peggy Carter apart from dozens of “one of the boys” Strong Female Characters™ is her personality.

Yep, she’s tough as nails, but she’s also not above being uncertain. Yes, she goes toe-to-toe with any womanizing general, but she’s also going to wear lipstick and tailored skirt suits. She’s a spy, but she’s also a friend and co-worker. It's almost as if blending several character traits together forms a more complete representation of a human being instead of a paper doll cutout.

Unrelated: I truly hope they find a way to make it canon that Peggy is the inspiration behind Carmen Sandiego. I mean, look at his fabulous silhouette!

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

“Agent Carter” comes to ABC on January 6, 2015.

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