Submarines are perhaps the perfect setting for films - there’s something about the dark, cloistered experience of watching a movie that heightens the claustrophobia and dread of being trapped in a little tube miles under the sea.  Here’s the five films that did it best.

  • Black-sea-jude-law
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    5. Black Sea
    Wonderfully tense resetting of Treasure of the Sierra Madre underwater as Jude Law leads a group of desperate men on an outlaw sub in search of lost Nazi gold.


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    4. Fantastic Voyage
    A submarine trip  - through a human body!  With Raquel Welch!  Swinging 60’s sci-fi at its height.

  • 20000leagues
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    3. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Captain Nemo’s Nautilis - an undersea utopia slash pretend sea monster - is one of  great fantasy creations of Disney’s golden age.

  • Red-october
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    2. The Hunt for Red October
    A cat and mouse game under the seas at the Cold War’s height would be exciting enough. The spectacle of Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery getting each other’s numbers across the waves is a delight.

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    1.Das Boot
    The Citizen Kane of submarine films. This tale of a beleaguered German sub’s cruise in the final days of its nation’s doomed war, is a study in pathos and heroism. Every moment of the three hours will have you on the edge of your seats.

Richard Rushfield is Editor in Chief of Hitfix