7. Don Draper envy has worn off:  Kartheiser remarked that Hamm’s character keeps insanely repeating the same mistakes, which have made his feet of clay more apparent. “Everyone wanted to be Don Draper in Season, and slowly, less and less people want to.”

8. Pete may have lost his mom at sea, but he lost his bearings when his Charleston partner and wife, Trudy, tossed him out:  “The one thing that was consistent [for Pete] was Trudy and she’s had enough. Pete doesn’t have a lot of friends—really, any friends,” said Kartheiser. “But I don’t think his mother passing was as big of an isolating moment in his life as Trudy reaching her point of fed-uppedness…He’s one of those guys, who’s always sticking his toes in the mud. He can’t help from getting dirty and he always has to pay for it. He never gets away with it.”

9. Jon Hamm has a video he wants you to watch: As talk turned to the mysterious Bob Benson character, Hamm brought up an amusing YouTube video that sets “Mad Men” in the ‘80s, with Bob Benson as the star,  and plays the opening credits of the imagined show to the theme song from the ‘80s sitcom, “Benson,”which starred Robert Guillaume as a butler, who was much smarter than his employer. “It’s 45 seconds of your life and then you’re going to watch it 10 more times,” Hamm said.  So here is it (and how remarkable that out of the 1,000 or so views it’s gotten, at least one of them is by Jon Hamm). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la-g5HEM5Gw

10: Sometimes the cast is surprised by the final product:  When the actors watch the show on television, ‘Sometimes, we are like ‘Oh my God, what a moment!,’ but we don’t think of it as a moment [when we’re shooting],” said Morse. “We’re like ,’what is my goddamn line? Where should I move?’”

11. Some of them know what happens to their character in the end: “I think some of us know where our characters are going to be, but I don’t think any of us have the scope, tone or vibe of the whole,” said Hamm, “and I think that’s probably been consistent through the majority of the show. Matt will tell us certain things or ask certain things about what’s going on in the characters’ lives.

12. No one expected the show to make it as long as it has:  “After we shot the pilot, it was like, ‘Well, that was fun. We’ll never see each other again,” said Hamm. “It won’t get picked up like 99% of the pilots. Then after Season 1, we didn’t know if we’d get picked up. Season 2, same thing. There was all this drama. ‘If and when, but mainly if’.”… With Season 5, we realized we’d have an end [when the show got renewed through Season 7]. That must be an incredible gift for a writer, to know ‘I have X amount of episodes left to get to the finish line.’ Without putting words in his mouth —because he puts enough in mine—I think that’s probably what Matt would say.”