Jennifer Lawrence: Highest-paid actress of 2015. Three-time Oscar nominee. Academy Award winner. Star of two box office-smashing franchises. Kentucky native. 25-year-old.

Since she earned an Oscar nom for “Winter’s Bone” in 2011, Lawrence has shot to fame, recognized universally and beloved universally too. Both on the big screen playing critically hailed roles and on small screens on various talk shows and carpets where she puts her best role — herself — on display with her spontaneity, humor and realness, Lawrence is continually garnering fans. Her massively successful franchise, “The Hunger Games,” comes to a close with the release of “Mockingjay - Part 2” this Friday, but Lawrence shows no sign of slowing down: On her slate is another “X-Men” movie, a sci-fi flick with Chris Pratt, a Darren Aronofsky project and a comedy she’s co-writing with Amy Schumer.

The odds, truly, seem to be ever in her favor.

Read on for 10 reasons  why she just might be the Millennial Messiah.

  • She keeps them guessing.
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    A giant in YA adaptations, Superhero films and a serious actress with two Oscar nominations to her name, Jennifer Lawrence straddles several worlds and is impossible to put in a box or define as “just a teen icon.” — Richard Rushfield

  • She’s hilarious.
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    Though we haven’t seen this play out as much in her on-screen work — yet — Jennifer Lawrence is naturally hilarious. It never feels as though she's putting on a show, the class clown, or grabbing for attention. She’s just consistently funny and quirky in her response to life, others, her own celebrity, and the very notion of Hollywood superstardom. She just feels like someone you’d truly love to hang out with. A rare breed of human who can be both comedic and open to listening. — Roth Cornet

  • She doesn’t feel managed at all.
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    In an age where everyone has a social media team and people are careful to run things by their representatives out of fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, Lawrence feels like she is genuinely just being herself in every moment. If she misspeaks, there's no outrage, and that’s because people seem to respond to the authentic nature of her public persona. It’s strange that we’ve gotten to the point where “acts like a real human being” is such an anomaly, but it’s true. — Drew McWeeny

  • She makes every role her own.
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    Whether playing intuitive, scrappy teen Ree in “Winter's Bone” or a jilted, gaudy housewife in “American Hustle,” Jennifer Lawrence makes her roles believable. She can nail outrageous comedy and the subtlest drama, and her range somehow remains under-heralded. — Louis Virtel

  • She’s fearless.
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    It takes a sort of brazen disregard for ordinary human anxiety around exposure to be an actress. It's another thing all together to be relentlessly yourself in the world, say what you want, and other opinions be damned. We can all take a lesson from Jennifer's not a care in the world, take me or leave me blunt nature. — Roth Cornet

  • At age 25, she’s already part of a compelling director-actor repeat collaboration.
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    Team-ups like Scorsese-DiCaprio, Ford-Wayne and Depp-Burton usually don’t come along until later in an actor’s life, but Lawrence already has a three-peat collaboration with David O. Russell hitting theaters next month (“Joy,” which also again features Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro). Yes, we can complain about Russell continually giving her roles for which she’s too young, but there’s no denying that the cinematic work they create together is captivating (and Oscar voters can’t seem to deny it either). — Emily Rome

  • She can hang with (and rib) the old pros.

    J-Law’s single best moment of spontaneity was following her Oscar win. Jack Nicholson approached to praise her work in “Silver Linings Playbook,” but she was in the middle of an interview with George Stephanopoulos. Though she gasped when Jack approached, her response to his intrusion was hilariously pointed: “Yeah, you’re being really rude.”  — Louis Virtel

  • The expected backlash never arrived.
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    Whenever any performer becomes the object of near-universal adoration over a short period of time, backlash from the public feels inevitable — particularly if the performer in question is a young woman. And yet unlike Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway, the tide never turned against her. Given the overwhelming amount of attention she’s received over the past few years (she was on the verge of overexposure during the 2013 awards season in particular), that’s pretty remarkable. — Chris Eggertsen

  • She gets that she’s not normal.
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    Typically, when someone has become as wildly famous as Jennifer Lawrence is, as young as she is, they understandably disconnect from reality. AKA, “mundane human existence.” So it’s somewhat shocking that Lawrence appears to genuinely get how singular her position in the world is. She has a grounded quality that would be impossible for most to maintain while leading the truly extra-ordinary life that she does. — Roth Cornet

  • She’s weirdly obsessed with Hulk Hogan.
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