With Comic-Con 2012 fast approaching, excitement among the fanboy/girl contingent has officially hit the boiling point, with speculation rampant as to which bombshells the movers and shakers will be dropping on attendees this year.  At its core, this sort of endless rumor-mongering springs from the hopes and desires of pop-culture aficionados the world over, which is why we here at HitFix decided to throw together a list of ten big- and small-screen surprises we hope to see at this year's edition of the annual San Diego gathering.

Of course, even if these specific shockers fail to materialize there'll no doubt be other revelations in store. Still, since we're firm believers that hope is a good thing, below you can find our picks for the Comic-Con surprises we're personally keeping our fingers crossed for.

Comic-Con 2012 runs from Wednesday, July 11 (preview night) to Sunday, July 15.