1. True glamor is driving a convertible, dancing, and not even bothering to hold the steering wheel. This video got that right.

2. It's about time Britney wore Cheetah-print, if only to salute her religious love of Cheetos.

3. Would've loved it if Britney began the video by saying, "This is the story of an alien named Iggy." And then Iggy did a little robo-wave.

4. I'm so glad Britney gets to wear boot-cut jeans again. That's her safe place. Remember at the 2000 VMAs when Britney stripped down to "Satisfaction," except she was wearing a nude bodysuit? Pardon: a nude boot-cut  bodysuit? Because she wanted to sell the illusion that her body is boot-cut, I guess? I'm still applauding. 

5. The song has its catchy moments. Kind of need more from those verses though.

6. That comedy bit in the middle with the phone? Oh, Iggy. Let's not book that "SNL" audition just yet.

7. Britney looks fantastic. Most fun she's had in a video in years. She looked like she was suffering through "Work B*tch." Frankly, so were many of us.

8. I like "Fancy," "Black Widow," and "Trouble." But man. Iggy's strutting here? She's acting like a direct-to-DVD sequel to "Save the Last Dance." 

9. I thought Britney was about to wow us with that dance breakdown, but it ended up lasting three seconds. I did more dancing sitting in here in my chair than Britney. (Yes, my chair dancing looks exactly like the "Stronger" video.) 

10. At least Britney and Iggy can both say they out-acted the muscle-bound guy with the hose. He needs a couple more levels of improv before he can move up to playing a cashier or valet.