Will Bella Thorne's turn as high-school queen bee Madison Carter in "The Duff" join the ranks of cinema's greatest "mean girls"? Have a look at the film's first trailer above to get a taste, then see below for our appreciative list of some of her most iconic predecessors.

The "teen queen" archetype is a staple in high school-set films, but only a few of these portrayals have managed to rise above the crop. Because I kept the list to ten, there are a few worthy picks who just missed the cut - from Rose McGowan's pale acid-spitter Courtney Alice Shayne in "Jawbreaker" to the emotionally-stunted Christy Masters in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion." Nevertheless, the final list represents a relatively diverse group of teenage (and teenage-at-heart) hellraisers who rank as some of the most ruthless bullies in movie history.

Who did I miss? Sound off in the comments.

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