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You Get What You Give (Deluxe Edition) Country

After self releasing their first two studio albums, Mr. Brown and his friends have been busy. You Get What You Give is the Zac Brown Band's second studio LP, for Atlantic/Home Grown/Big Picture. Given that 2010 has already seen the release of the jam band's third live album (Pass the Jar, back in May), a couple of hit singles for the band and another for Zac solo (in aid of Haiti), we think the boys are giving a lot, and what they should be getting is a rest. You Get What You Give has already spawned the hit single "As She's Walking Away"

This deluxe edition includes an embossed sleeve and two bonus tracks.



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Released - Tuesday, September 21 , 2010
  1. "Let It Go"
  2. "Knee Deep" (with Jimmy Buffett)
  3. "No Hurry"
  4. "I Play the Road"
  5. "Cold Hearted"
  6. "Whiskey's Gone"
  7. "Quiet Your Mind"
  8. "Colder Weather"
  9. "Settle Me Down"
  10. "As She's Walking Away" (with Alan Jackson) - 3:44
  11. "Keep Me In Mind"
  12. "Who Knows"
  13. "Martin"
  14. "Make This Day"
  15. "Oh My Sweet Carolina" (live)
  16. Nothing