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Yellowcard - "Ocean Avenue Acoustic" Pop

10 years ago Yellowcard released Ocean Avenue and shortly after with the album title track becoming a radio hit, Ocean Avenue became a platinum selling record and Yellowcard was launched into pop-punk stardom. Today the band returns with a re-issue of the record featuring newly arranged acoustic versions of the original album tracks. Ocean Avenue Acoustic is a collector's piece for long-standing fans as well as an album for those fans looking to revisit 2003.


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Released - Tuesday, August 13 , 2013

1. Way Away
2. Breathing
3. Ocean Avenue
4. Empty Apartment
5. Life Of A Salesman
6. Only One
7. Miles Apart
8. Twentythree
9. View From Heaven
10. Inside Out
11. Believe
12. One Year, Six Months
13. Back Home