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She & Him - Volume Two

Volume 2 is the second album of nostalgia-inducing rootsy Americana from the unlikely, albeit highly successful, duo of Zoe Deschanel and songwriter M. Ward. Initially put together to record one song for a movie soundtrack, the pair have blossomed into a genuine phenomenon, as a burgeoning discography, tours, and a high profile shows at big festivals this year testify.



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Released - Tuesday, March 23 , 2010


1. "Thieves"   4:08
2. "In the Sun"   2:51
3. "Don't Look Back"   3:23
4. "Ridin' in My Car" (NRBQ cover)"   3:15
5. "Lingering Still"   3:02
6. "Me and You"   3:20
7. "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" (Skeeter Davis cover)"   2:32
8. "Home"   4:41
9. "I'm Gonna Make It Better"   3:32
10. "Sing"   3:14
11. "Over It Over Again"   3:30
12. "Brand New Shoes"   3:05
13. "If You Can't Sleep"   2:49
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