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Various Artists - NOW! That's What I Call Music Vol. 34 Pop

Putting out two albums a year since the dawn of time (before the internet, in any case) any release in the NOW! series functions at the time as the soundtrack to an instant party — and at any point thereafter as a time capsule of half a year in the listening lives of high school kids. Totally awesome. Vol. 34 is typically, and brilliantly eclectic, featuring as it does everyone from Justin Bieber to David Byrne taking in Lady Antebellum and Kesha along the way. Apparently the older citizens of HitFix nation can remember being freaked out to find Wham! and Siouxsie an the Banshees on the same record; ah, those crazy days before mp3 playlists.

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Released - Tuesday, June 15 , 2010

1. "Baby"   Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris 3:33

2. "Nothin' on You"   B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars 3:37

3. "Your Love Is My Drug"   Kesha 3:05

4. "Rude Boy"   Rihanna 3:42

5. "OMG"   Usher featuring 4:27

6. "Winner"   Jamie Foxx featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I. 4:03

7. "My Chick Bad"   Ludacris featuring Nicki Minaj 3:36

8. "Imma Be"   Black Eyed Peas 3:52

9. "Solo"   Iyaz 3:20

10. "All the Right Moves"   OneRepublic 3:56

11. "Halfway Gone"   Lifehouse 3:13

12. "Sweet Disposition"   The Temper Trap 3:50

13. "Heart Heart Heartbreak"   Boys Like Girls 3:23

14. "Breakeven"   The Script 4:15

15. "American Honey"   Lady Antebellum 3:41

16. "The House That Built Me"   Miranda Lambert 4:06

17. "Little Lies"   Dave Barnes 2:45

18. "Worry About You"   2AM Club 3:11

19. "So Obvious"   Runner Runner 3:46

20. "Almost Love (24/7)"   Jessica Jarrell 3:19