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Various Artists - "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - Music From The Motion Picture" Soundtracks & Shows

Featuring music by Drake, Kanye West and Green Day, this is the soundtrack to the long-awaited "Anchorman" sequel.  The film follows the tale of San Diego's legendary (and fictional) newsanchor.  The soundtrack also offers up a few words of wisdom from the character.  All in all, between moments from the movie, messages from Burgundy, and songs, 20 tracks are offered on the album.


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Released - Tuesday, December 17 , 2013

1. A Message From Ron Burgundy
2. Ride Like the Wind
3. Change
4. Ladykillers
5. Every 1's a Winner
6. Shilo
7. Life Isn't a Fairy Tale
8. White Lines (Don't Do It)
9. This is It
10. Another Message From Ron Burgundy
11. Thunder Island
12. Doby
13. Whammy Chicken
14. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
15. Muskrat Love
16. Rv Reminiscing
17. Lonesome Billy
18. Have An American Night
19. Hold Your Head Up
20. Ride Like the Wind
21. A Final Message From Ron Burgundy