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TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light Rock

 Nine Types of Light is the fourth official studio long player from experimental indie-rock band, TV on the Radio (their first album was a collection of demo recordings).  The Brooklyn-based outfit formed in 2001 and have scarcely put a foot wrong since. True, some say the band is a contemporary analog to Collective Soul, but others don't mind that at all, among them David Bowie who contributed vocals to TVotR's Return to Cookie Mountain album.

"Will Do" was released in March as the first single from Nine Types of Light.


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More Details

Released - Tuesday, April 12 , 2011


  • 1. Second Song
  • 2. Keep Your Heat
  • 3. You
  • 4. No Future Shock
  • 5. Killer Crane
  • 6. Will Do
  • 7. New Cannonball Blues
  • 8. Repetition
  • 9. Forgotten
  • 10. Caffeinated Consciousness