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<p>Kiefer Sutherland stars in 'Touch.'</p>

"Touch" doesn't really start airing until March, and when it does start airing in March, it isn't going to air on Wednesday nights.  What we're getting here is a special viewing of the first episode (like we did for "Glee" back in the day... sort of) before it disappears for about six weeks only to reappear on Monday nights.  Why the early airing on the special night?  Come on now, "American Idol" is the lead-in program tonight.  As for this show, it's all about Kiefer Sutherland playing a single father who learns that his mute son can see how events are connected when no one else can see the relationship.  We hope that Sutherland's character has to solve cases in real time with a clock constantly ticking.


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