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LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Electronic/Dance

This Is Happening is slated to be James Murphy and the DFA production team's final album as LCD Soundsytem. Ever since their game changing debut single "Losing My Edge" depicted the wows of an aging hipster over a fierce techno backing track back in July '02, LCD Soundsytem have consistently made challenging, pleasing, music that works for both dancing and listening pleasure . The album's lead single "Drunk Girls" is possibly the least interesting and effective song on the record; but there's no dud track, not a one.



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Released - Tuesday, May 18 , 2010
1. "Dance Yrself Clean"   8:58
2. "Drunk Girls"   3:44
3. "One Touch"   7:47
4. "All I Want"   6:43
5. "I Can Change"   5:54
6. "You Wanted a Hit"   9:12
7. "Pow Pow"   8:25
8. "Somebody's Calling Me"   6:55
9. "Home"   7:53