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The Sword - "Apocryphon (Deluxe Edition)" Metal

Over the course 3 mind altering, critically praised albums, THE SWORD have proved to be one of rock's most intriguing bands. Part Sabbath, part Melvins, part Slayer, the band has already created a body of enormous riffery that has crushed ear drums the world over. On their new album APOCRYPHON, the band has taken the best elements from each of their previous albums and made an album that is the most fluid and heavy of the band's career.


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Released - Monday, October 22 , 2012

1. The Veil Of Isis
2. Cloak Of Feathers
3. Arcane Montane
4. The Hidden Masters
5. Dying Earth
6. Execrator
7. Seven Sisters
8. Hawks & Serpents
9. Eyes Of The Stormwitch
10. Apocryphon
11. Arrows In The Dark (Live at Emo's / Austin, TX)
12. Barael s Blade (Live at Stubb's BBQ / Austin, TX)
13. The Chronomancer II: Nemesis (Live at Stubb's BBQ / Austin, TX)
14. Ebethron (Live at Stubb's BBQ / Austin, TX)
15. Cheap Sunglasses