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The Strokes - Angles Rock

 Fans have been waiting since First Impressions of Earth came out in 2006  for a new Strokes album. Angles, the New York quintet's fourth, is that album. Fans in the United States have had to wait longer than some others, Brits got their paws on this release yesterday. According to bassist Nicolai Fraiture the album is a "return to basics." Can we expect the agitated new wave of debut  Is This It? 

Coming a month after the release of "Under Cover of Darkness" and "You're So Right"  last week, appetites for Angles have been well and truly whetted.

Does anyone else think the cover looks like one Elvis Costello and the Attractions decided against in, like, 1979?



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Released - Tuesday, March 22 , 2011


  • 1. Machu Picchu
  • 2. Under Cover of Darkness
  • 3. Two Kinds of Happiness
  • 4. You're So Right
  • 5. Taken For a Fool
  • 6. Games
  • 7. Call Me Back
  • 8. Gratisfaction
  • 9. Metabolism
  • 10. Life is Simple In the Moonlight