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Little Big Town - The Reason Why

The Reason Why is the fourth studio album for the four piece country music vocal group, Little Big Town. The record is their first full length for Capitol Nashville, having moved from country indie, Equity Records in 2007. The Reason Why rides into town on the back of the top 20 Hot Country hit "Little White Church".


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Released - Tuesday, August 24 , 2010
  • 1. Reason Why, The - (featuring Chris McHugh/Kimberly Schlapman/Phil Madeira/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos)
  • 2. Runaway Train - (featuring Chris McHugh/Jay Joyce/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos/Adam Shoenfeld)
  • 3. Kiss Goodbye - (featuring Chris McHugh/Phillip Sweet/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos/Adam Shoenfeld)
  • 4. Shut Up Train - (featuring Chris McHugh/Gordon Kennedy/Wayne Kirkpatrick)
  • 5. Why, Oh Why - (featuring Steve Sinatra/Wayne Kirkpatrick/Greg Hagan)
  • 6. Little White Church - (featuring Chris McHugh/Little Big Town/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos)
  • 7. You Can't Have Everything - (featuring Chris McHugh/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos)
  • 8. All the Way Down - (featuring Chris McHugh/Caleb Sherman/Phil Madeira/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos/Karen Fairchild)
  • 9. All Over Again - (featuring Jedd Hughes/Phil Madeira/Wayne Kirkpatrick/Shannon Forrest)
  • 10. Rain On a Tin Roof - (featuring Chris McHugh/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos)
  • 11. Life Rolls On - (featuring Steve Sinatra/Phil Madeira/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos/Greg Hagan/Jimi Westbrook)
  • 12. Lean Into It - (featuring Chris McHugh/Wayne Kirkpatrick/J.T. Corenflos/Jeffery Roach)
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