The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres

Techno psychedelicists The Orb and a first generation psychedelic prog rocker,  David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame, have collaborated on a new album, Metallic Spheres. In true progressive rock style the album is divided into two halves, Metallic Side and Spheres Side. The Orb, though coming from a very electronic, and electronic-inspired background, has long been compared to the guitar and organ led Pink Floyd, mostly due to the bands' comparable light shows, tendency to long songs, and the alleged interest in recreational pharmaceuticals of the artists and their fans.

All we need now is for Flaming Lips and friends to tour a live version of Metallic Spheres; they could call it Little Fluffy Clouds Taste Metallic and the circle would be complete. Pop will eat itself.


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Released - Tuesday, October 12 , 2010

1. Metallic Side; Metallic Spheres\ Hymns To The Sun\ Black Graham\ Hiding In Plain View\ Classified

2. Spheres Side; Es Vedra\ Hymns To The Sun (Reprise)\ Olympic\ Chicago Dub\ Bold Knife Trophy