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The New Pornographers - "Brill Bruisers" Pop

Their first album since 2010, The New Pornographers are back.  The new CD, offered by Matador, features 13 tracks.  Entitled "Brill Bruisers," the album opens with the title track and ends with one called "You Tell Me Where."  In between you'll find songs like "Fantasy Fools," "War on the East Coast," and "Spidyr."


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Released - Monday, August 25 , 2014

1. Brill Bruisers
2. Champions of Red Wine
3. Fantasy Fools
4. War on the East Coast
5. Backstairs
6. Marching Orders
7. Another Drug Deal of the Heart
8. Born With a Sound
9. Wide Eyes
10. Dancehall Domine
11. Spidyr
12. Hi-Rise
13. You Tell Me Where