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The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I (vinyl reissue) Pop

 Washington DC's post-hardcore scene spawned any number of interesting, acclaimed bands. The Dismemberment Plan — named for a line in the classic Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day" — stands out even in that company for its ability to fuse elements of funk and soul to angular art pop. And for the sheer energy exuded by frontman Travis Morrison. Emergency & I is the group's third album of four (or five if you include remix record, A People's History of the Dismemberment Plan) and their most widely loved. 

At the time of the its initial release, in October 1999, the album was only available on CD. Morrison, and band-mates Eric Axelson, Joe Easley, and Jason Caddell, have spent the last two years juggling their post-Plan careers with collaborating on a lavish, remastered, repackaged edition of Emergency & I on two discs of 180g vinyl. With all new liner notes, photos, an oral history of the band, and four rare bonus tracks; the revamped album is also dragging The Plan out of retirement for a few, mostly sold-out, shows. Buy tix now!

What do you want me to say? The vinyl reissue of Emergency & I is a Must Have for any fan of smart, sharp, emotionally vulnerable, danceable indie pop. It's a life of possibilities. You are invited; for all time.


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Released - Tuesday, January 11 , 2011


1. Life of Possibilities, A
2. Memory Machine
3. What Do You Want Me to Say
4. Spider in the Snow
5. The Jitters
6. I Love A Magician
7. You Are Invited
8. Gyroscope
9. The City
10. Girl O Clock
11. 8 1/2 Minutes
12. Back And Forth