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The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning Pop

Black Eyed Peas last brought you "The E.N.D.," but now they're back with "The Beginning." The pop-hip-hop troupe's big single at present is "The Time (the dirty bit)," which samples "(I Had The) Time Of My Life."

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Released - Tuesday, November 30 , 2010


1. "The Time (The Dirty Bit)"        
2. "Light Up the Night"        
3. "Love You Long Time"        
4. "XOXOXO"        
5. "Someday"        
6. "Whenever"        
7. "Fashion Beats"        
8. "Don't Stop The Party"        
9. "Do It Like This"        
10. "The Best One Yet (The Boy)"        
11. "Just Can't Get Enough"        
12. "Play It Loud"