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The Beatles - The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring the Beatles Pop

On February 9th, 1964 Ed Sullivan hosted the most popular episode of TV ever in history (to that point). The reason almost everyone in America tuned in, of course, was that it the first time the Fab Four appeared on television in the USA. They returned to Sullivan's show on three further occasion. Each appearance is here, complete with thirteen minutes of previously unreleased footage and the original commercials. All lovingly restored frame-by-frame, of course. This is not the first time the Beatles' appearances on Ed Sullivan's show have seen the light of day, although if you don't alreay own it, the improved quality and few minutes of previously unreleased material may make it worth your while. All I can think of is the Rutles spoofing that first appearance in the classic comedy "All You Need Is Cash".


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Released - Tuesday, September 7 , 2010