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Peter Frampton - Thank You Mr Churchill Pop

Thank You Mr Churchill is the fourteenth notch of Frampton's in-studio bedpost. Best known for his readily identifiable guitar playing as a solo and guest artist, Frampton is a former member of Steve Marriott's Humble Pie (five albums) and before that seminal psychedlicists The Herd. Those swinging London roots are hinted at on the cover, which shows a WWII Spitfire resplendent with the very target symbols Frampton & Co. appropriated in their modish youth. The album track "Road to the Gun" was recorded with son Julian's band Smoking Gun, a nice inter-generational touch.



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Released - Tuesday, April 27 , 2010
  1. Thank You Mr. Churchill
  2. Solution
  3. Road to the Sun (with Smoking Gun feat. Julian Frampton)
  4. I'm Due a You
  5. Vaudeville Nanna and the Banjolele
  6. Asleep at the Wheel
  7. Suite: Liberte - A. Megumi B. Huria Watu
  8. Restraint
  9. I Want it Back
  10. Invisible Man
  11. Black Ice