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Superchunk - "I Hate Music" Pop

I Hate Music is Majesty's dark twin. It's similarly aggressive often moreso and every bit as energetic. It reflects the joys of a life spent immersed in music (":Me & You & Jackie Mittoo,": ":Trees of Barcelona":), but there's a dark undercurrent as well. That title isn't tongue-in-cheek, but it's really more a question than a statement: When you're 20, lazy co-workers and romantic missteps number among your biggest worries; two decades later, life's bigger questions knock louder and louder, demanding answers.


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Released - Tuesday, August 20 , 2013

1. Overflows
2. Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
3. Void
4. Staying Home
5. Low F
6. Trees of Barcelona
7. Breaking Down
8. Out of the Sun
9. Your Theme
10. FOH
11. What Can We Do