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Scorpions - Sting In The Tail Pop

Sting In The Tail is the seventeenth, and likely final, studio album for Germany's Scorpions. Still featuring Michael Schencker's big brother Rudolph on rhythm guitar, the Scorpions continue to churn out old skool metal on old skool metal.

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Released - Tuesday, March 23 , 2010

'Raised On Rock' 3:57
'Sting In The Tail' 3:12
'Slave Me' 2:44
'The Good Die Young' 5:14
'No Limit' 3:24
'Rock Zone' 3:17
'Lorelei' 4:31
'Turn You On' 4:25
'Let's Rock' 3:21
'SLY' 5:15
'Spirit Of Rock' 3:43
'The Best Is Yet To Come' 4:34