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Steve Martin and Edie Brickell - "Love has Come for You" Country

Comedian and sometime musician Steve Martin is teaming up with Edie Brickell for this new album of country/bluegrass music.  Featuring 13 tracks, the CD offers up 13 songs.  This marks the first collaboration between the two, even though both are already well established separately.


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Released - Tuesday, April 23 , 2013

1. When You Get to Asheville
2. Get Along Stray Dog
3. Love Has Come for You
4. Friend of Mine
5. Siamese Cat
6. Yes She Did
7. Sarah Jane and the Iron Mountain Baby
8. Fighter
9. King of Boys
10. Sun's Gonna Shine
11. Who You Gonna Take?
12. Shawnee
13. Remember Me This Way