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Staind - "Staind" Rock

Staind marks the iconic hard rock band's seventh studio album and first full-length release in three years. Produced by Johnny K - known for his work with 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, and Sevendust, not to mention his Grammy Award-nominated collaboration with Staind, 2008's The Illusion of Progress - and mixed by the legendary Chris Lord-Alge, Staind stands as Staind's most intense and powerful work to date.

The album is heralded by the viral "Eyes Wide Open" and official single "Not Again." Singer/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Lewis recently described Staind as "the heaviest thing we have recorded in a long time. It's definitely one of the heaviest collections of songs that we have put together." "It's completely different than the last record," agrees guitarist Mike Mushok. "It's more of a throwback to where we came from. I definitely think it's fresh. It's a modern-sounding version of a heavy Staind record. It's pretty cool."


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Released - Tuesday, September 13 , 2011

1. Eyes Wide Open
2. Not Again
3. Failing
4. Wannabe
5. Throw It All Away
6. Take A Breath
7. The Bottom
8. Now
9. Paper Wings
10. Something To Remind You