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Son Volt - "Honky Tonk" Country

From his earliest recordings in the 1990s as a founding member of Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar has been a keen observer of the American landscape: its beauties and its tragedies, salvations and poisons. His two-decades of touring and travel as the leader of Son Volt as well as a solo artist have deepened and sharpened his gift for capturing the sights and sounds of his American journey a gift which is in evidence once again on Son Volt's sixth studio album: 'Honky Tonk.'

Excavating, distilling and reimagining the classic honky tonk sound of Bakersfield (along with the influence of Tennessee and Texas), the music on this album is about heartache, but there s also optimism and perseverance. Pedal steel guitar and twin fiddles anchor a timeless music, in which the clear hard truths of the lyrics mine the emotional complexities of life and love, making 'Honky Tonk' a landmark on a continuing journey.

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Released - Tuesday, March 5 , 2013

1. Hearts and Minds(3:48)
2. Brick Walls(2:12)
3. Wild Side(3:00)
4. Down the Highway(4:00)
5. Bakersfield(2:10)
6. Livin' On(3:37)
7. Tears of Change(2:54)
8. Angel of the Blues(4:06)
9. Seawall(3:22)
10. Barricades(3:42)
11. Shine On(3:37)