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Solomon Burke & De Dijk - Hold On Tight R & B and Soul

Long recognised as one of the greatest soul singers to have ever lived, Solomon Burke was also the first. Legend has it that the deeply religious Burke didn't want to be labelled a Rhythm and Blues singer by Atlantic Records because of church disapproval for the genre's perceived licentiousness.  Atlantic, though, was unhappy with a singer of Burke's charisma being trapped in the less commercially viable Gospel market. Given his insistence on singing from his soul, a new designation was created and the first ever Soul singer was launched.

After a professional career spanning several decades Solomon Burke sadly died last year, but not before he had completed recording Hold On Tight with the Dutch rock band De Dijk (The Dike). Burke and De Dijk first played  together at one of the band's shows in  2007. That concert led to the soul star duetting on Dutch band's 2008 hit, "Enough Is Enough". Hold On Tight sees De Dijk in full-on sixties soul mode,  swirls of organ, horn stabs, piercing guitar licks, and deep grooves underpin Burke's deservedly legendary voice. Jools Holland of Squeeze and his own Big Band plays piano on "What a Woman."

Hold On Tight is an energetic, hip-swiveling, finger-popping extravaganza, with a little pleading and weeping thrown in for good measure.



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Released - Tuesday, March 22 , 2011


  • 1. Hold On Tight
  • 2. My Rose Saved From the Street
  • 3. What a Woman
  • 4. No One
  • 5. More Beauty
  • 6. I Gotta Be With You
  • 7. Seventh Heaven
  • 8. Good For Nothing
  • 9. Text Me
  • 10. Don't Despair
  • 11. Bend, The
  • 12. Perfect Song