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Smashing Pumpkins - "Aeroplane Flies High" (6CD+1DVD) [Box Set] Box Sets

This new limited deluxe edition of The Smashing Pumpkin's platinum-selling 1996 box set, THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH, features the original 33 track version remastered by Bob Ludwig and expanded to 104 tracks (90 audio and 14 audio/visual) encompassing unreleased demos, alternative versions and live recordings. In addition to expanded versions of Aeroplane's original 5 discs, a 6th disc contains live recordings from the 1996 Mellon Collie tour, while the DVD content is taken from a July, 4 1997, performance in Belfort, France. Included is a 46-page book with liner notes written by David Wild, plus extensive track-by-track notes by The Smashing Pumpkin's founder-singer-songwriter-guitarist Billy Corgan-for the original release's 33 tracks. This box set has unique packaging with embossed foil wrap & twinkle stock for jackets. (Disc 1) Tracks 8-22 recorded at Gravity Studios, Chicago, IL, March 15, 1994-March 16, 1994. (Disc 3) Tracks 8-15 recorded live at the Double Door, Chicago, IL, February 27, 1995. (Disc 4) Tracks 8-16 recorded live at the Double Door, Chicago, IL, February 21, 27, 28, 1995.


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Released - Tuesday, July 23 , 2013