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Smash Mouth - "Magic" Pop

Top-selling hit makers, Smash Mouth, return with Magic, an album of original material that reflects their signature hi-octane sound. First single, "Magic" captures the band's infectious grooves and irreverent lyrics. With a tour in 2012, Smash Mouth is taking their monster hits, unique covers, and new jams to audiences nationwide.

The Amazon Exclusive version of Magic contains 6 remixes of songs unavailable elsewhere.

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Released - Tuesday, September 4 , 2012

1. Perfect Planet
2. Live To Love Another Day
3. Magic (featuring J. Dash)
4. Justin Bieber
5. Out Of Love
6. Flippin' Out (featuring J. Dash)
7. Future X Wife
8. Better With Time
9. The Game
10. She's Into Me
11. Don't You (Forget About Me)
12. Magic (Murrman remix)
13. Future X Wife (Murrman remix)
14. Flippin' Out (Murrman remix)
15. Live To Love Another Day (Murrman remix)
16. The Game (Murrman remix)
17. Perfect Planet (Murrman remix)