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Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals" Rock

2013 release, the third album from the Alt-Rock/Noise Pop duo Sleigh Bells featuring Alexis Krauss (vocals) and Derek Miller (guitar). Miller was a guitarist in the Hardcore band Poison the Well. Alexis Krauss performed in the teen pop group RubyBlue. With backgrounds that seemed like polar opposites, Sleigh Bells have managed to find the middle ground and serve up a sound that is both sweet and sour.


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Released - Tuesday, October 8 , 2013

1. Bitter Rivals
2. Sugarcane
3. Minnie
4. Sing Like A Wire
5. Young Legends
6. Tiger Kit
7. You Don't Get Me Twice
8. To Hell With You
9. 24
10. Love Sick